EBC 9: Shaping CBDCs & Stablecoins for Consumers and Businesses

EBC 9:  Shaping CBDCs & Stablecoins for Consumers and Businesses


by Jörn Jakob Röber,  Head of EU Policy at the Digital Currencies Governance Group (DCGG)


As cryptocurrencies and stablecoins have become more popular, the world’s central banks have realized that they may need to provide an alternative. Currently, about 130 countries, representing 98 percent of global GDP, are exploring a Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDC) – virtual money backed and issued by a central bank. 19 of the G20 countries are now in the advanced stage of CBDC development.

However, many questions still remain. These include, on what technology these would be based, i.e. whether on DLT technology, or on more traditional payment railways. Could they become interoperable and what would be needed to achieve that. Could CBDCs become competitors of stablecoins, or is there a different use case for stablecoins?

These and more will be addressed in our panel discussion “Shaping CBDCs & Stablecoins for Consumers and Businesses” on the second day at the European Blockchain Convention 9 (EBC9) in Barcelona, scheduled for October 25th and 26th 2023.

EBC9 stands as the largest blockchain event in Europe for the latter half of 2023, attracting over 5,000 enthusiastic attendees.

I’m excited to be joined on this panel by distinguished experts in the field of institutional crypto, including José Luis Lorente (Partner Financial Services, Bird & Bird), Cristian Cengher (Head of Payments Clearing and Operations, Erste Group Bank), Sören Hettler (Head of Investment Strategy and Private Clients, DZ Bank), Dr Shamshudeen Mohd Yunus (Chief Strategist/Founder, Tijarah Holding Ltd), and David Creer (Global DLT and Crypto Lead, GFT).

For further details about the European Blockchain Convention, such as ticket information, and the complete list of speakers, please visit the official website at www.eblockchainconvention.com.